Kennesaw Mountain Parkgoers still hitting trails despite the Government Closure


Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park closure due to government shutdown.

The government shutdown isn’t stopping people from hiking at one of the nation’s most-visited Civil War battlefields.

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park was officially closed Tuesday, but people are still visiting the park for their normal exercise routines and cites seeing.

The Marietta Daily Journal reports ( that Chief Park Ranger Anthony Winegar stood guard at the entrance of the parking lot all day Tuesday, trying to keep park attendees from driving into the parking lot.

There are other public parking lots surrounding the park where you can still park to go to Kennesaw Mountain.

Federal lawmakers have been locked in a political battle that led to national parks being closed across the country.


“It was a shocker to see that the park was closed,” said Smyrna resident Marie Gonzalez. “I didn’t know it before we got here.”

Gonzalez went running at Kennesaw Mountain on Tuesday morning with two friends.

“As soon as we walked up, an officer said, ‘At your own risk,’” she said. “But we thought that we could just call an ambulance if something happened.”

Gonzalez said she doesn’t expect the shutdown to affect her otherwise.

Chriss Hass drove all the way from Milton to hike the trail around the same time as Gonzalez. She makes the trip about once a week.

“I came to do my favorite hike in the world,” said Hass, whose car was turned around at the park entrance.

“The ranger just told me that the park is closed due to the government shutdown but I see that people are still hiking and my plan is to go to the other (parking) lot and get my hike and my exercise in and go about my way,” she said. Read more on



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