Half off Margaritas Tuesdays at La Parilla

377246_466892870009482_1100781556_nWanting a night of relaxation, night with the friends, add cheese dip, and all close to home? La Parilla has several locations nearby, Canton, Woodstock, Marietta, and a few others, and EVERY TUESDAY they have, wait for it…………… HALF OFF MARGARITAS.
My friends and I make it an occasional catch up session with a few of these bad boys after our classes or work to either wind down the night and just chill, talking, gossiping, and laughing, or even a way to kickstart our night. You can get a 32 oz for the same price of a regular margarita on any other day, why wouldn’t you want to go on a Tuesday night and upgrade your drink for the same price, all under 8$!
Imagine that with a side of cold, refreshing salsa, hot cheese dip, maybe some entrees and hot, crispy chips. No hassle of who’s going to drive since it isn’t too far, and you can chill there while munching up to not get tooo rowdy but still going out and having a goodtime. It’s a nice alternative to other bars around town and not as crowded. Buzzin but can get sober enough to drive home, or get drunk there ad have your friends drive. All in all, a guaranteed good night. Now that sounds like a to-go classic Tuesday night to me!
 La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant
1065 Buckhead Crossing, Woodstock, GA
29 S Marietta Pkwy, Marietta, GA
Author: Pooja T.

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  1. me and my girlfriends are going tonight!

  2. This was really a great and helpful piece of info. Iˇ¦m happy that you just shared it! Please keep us up to date on any other great discounts like this. Thanks for sharing.

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