Georgia 400 tolls ending today


Press release from Governor Nathan Deal:

Gov. Nathan Deal today fulfilled promises made by leaders 20 years ago and by himself during his 2010 campaign by ending toll collection on Ga. 400. Shortly after recognizing the first motorists to pay the toll on the Ga. 400 Extension 20 years ago, Deal surprised onlookers by asking Linda and Mike Weinroth to pay the last toll on the roadway. At 11:25 am, the governor collected one 1993 quarter and one 2013 quarter from the Weinroths and officially ended tolling on Ga. 400. Tolls had been originally scheduled to end after the evening rush hour.

“I made a promise that the tolls would end when the bond debt was paid and I am proud to stand here today to mark the end of that debt, and the fulfillment of that commitment,” Deal said. “I am happy to announce that Ga. 400 motorists can now keep their change.”

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